In 2017, 95.2% of volunteers were happy with their experience on Cycle Queensland.

Volunteering on Cycle Queensland is about camaraderie, teamwork, friendship and fun. Join our crew and take delight in making the state’s largest recreational cycling tour happen.

Volunteers are the people that keep the wheels of Cycle Queensland turning. There’s a role to suit just about everyone and it’s a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and have fun. Most volunteers are full-time but part-time positions are available for those who also want to ride.

Full-time volunteers come on the event for free, while part-timers get a substantial discount on entry fees.

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Below we’ve answered some questions about volunteering for CQ18:

  • Volunteering is free and fun (we transport & feed you on the event).
  • The satisfaction and smiles at the end of the day.
  • Experience regional Queensland.
  • Camaraderie.
  • Meet new friends.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Be part of the adventure – without riding.

Anyone aged 18 or over, physically able to look after themselves and perform the tasks required. People with all sorts of skills are required, however, you don’t need to have any special qualifications for most teams. We look for people who are friendly, positive, self-motivated and who show initiative.

Full-time volunteers:
  • Are exempt from event entry fees.
  • Do not ride in the event and are available for the full duration of the ride.
  • Are on duty approximately 8 hours each day.
  • Are required from Day 1 until the end of Day 8. Some volunteers by special arrangement are needed for 1 or 2 days before and after the event – please advise your availability.
Riding (part-time) volunteers:
  • Are those who wish to ride in Cycle Queensland but want to devote some of their spare non-riding time in helping out with volunteer tasks.
  • Pay the full entry fee. A refund of up to $260 is paid after the event, upon satisfactory completion of assigned tasks.
  • Work up to 3 (typically only 2) hours each day for a total of 16 hours. This may be in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Must be fit enough to cycle and work in the same day.
  • Are rostered to allow for cycling activities. Part-time positions are limited and only available for a few teams.
  • All volunteers are placed in a team for the event and assigned to a Team Leader.
  • Tell us which teams would suit you best and we will try to place you accordingly.
  • Start and finish times vary, but you are generally on duty for 8 hours each day.
  • You can attend briefing sessions before the ride to get all the information you will need.
  • You are covered by our insurance.
  • Campsites are smoke-free environments.
  • A great experience.
  • Two Cycle Queensland 2018 volunteer polo shirts.
  • Hat, water bottle and sunscreen.
  • All meals (including lunch on the rest day).
  • Subsidised transport to and from the event Ex-Brisbane (full time vollies only – conditions apply).
  • “TLC Camping” (tent supplied and put up for you) for “early-bird” volunteers – More information on TLC.
  • Dedicated volunteer luggage truck.
  • Bikes…BYO helmet so you can use our small fleet of bikes to explore the towns in your leisure time.
  • Team photo.

You can get to the start and home again by road, rail or air. Scheduled services in combination with our charter services make the journey hassle free. Have a look at the Getting There and Back info sheet for some great travel options. You should also read the Travel Reimbursements for Volunteers info sheet before making plans. 

Full time volunteers can travel on any of the event charter transport listed on the application form – all you need to do is get yourself to the departure point.

If you are driving to the event you should use the Cairns Airport long-term parking, but will need to book and pay in advance. Please remember, you cannot bring your own vehicle on the event unless specifically agreed with the Event Director in advance.

Riding Volunteers will need to make their own way to the event and need to complete their transport options on their ride entry form.

During the event, there is a special area set aside for volunteer camping. Bring your own tent or apply early to secure the TLC camping option.

To make things a little more comfortable for volunteers, we are offering TLC camping (availability is limited). We will supply a tent, put it up for you in the volunteer camping area each day and pack it up the next morning. This will free you to spend more time relaxing and enjoying all there is to offer on the campsite and around town. TLC camping is available to volunteers who sign up before 31/05/2017 unless it is filled before this date.

You will still need to bring a sleeping mat and sleeping bag. To make sure as many volunteers as possible get to take advantage of TLC Camping, you need to share your tent with one other person. You can team up with a friend or we’ll match you up with a tent buddy (same gender and age group).

Applications will open 1 March 2018.

There will be briefings in the month before the ride with information for confirmed and potential volunteers.

Sign up early to be eligible for TLC camping (1/06/2018).

After you’ve applied we will send an acknowledgement of the application. We will then assess your application – we may contact you as part of this assessment. Confirmation of acceptance will occur as soon as we have definitely placed you in a team. There will be a volunteer briefing in Brisbane in the months before the ride. If you need to confirm leave or travel arrangements before you receive a confirmation then please let us know. Volunteers will be supplied with a Handbook and event specific details before the event.


Choosing your volunteer team

There is a huge range of roles for you to choose from and, for most, you don’t need any special skills. You could be screening movies, serving food, putting up marquees or keeping the cyclists heading in the right direction. All teams have a Team Leader to support them and plan the roster. Read below to help work out your first, second and third team preferences. The headings below have links to PDF documents containing complete role descriptions for each team.

It is important to be flexible during the event as at times you may need to assist other teams or be moved to another team to cover changing needs.


Cycle Queensland is all about cycling so the Cycling Services Team has an important role – keeping the cyclists safe and happy.

Marshals keep the cyclists heading in the right direction, warn them of hazards and generally support them on their ride. Have fun with humorous interaction with the riders and plenty of encouragement. Days can be long and always outside.

The Sign Crew ensures the route is identified and the traffic aware so the riders don’t lose their way and the motorists are careful. This crew starts early in the morning and then collects the signs again at the end of the day.

The SAG Wagon travels behind the last rider and picks up any weary or injured riders and bikes. Plenty of encouragement needed and good people skills.

Water & Rubbish are needed & produced along the route. For cyclists, water is life, and like everybody they produce rubbish.

Click here for more info.

This all-action team sets up the campsite each day using signs, flags and conversation to efficiently direct support crews, vehicles and cyclists to the correct areas of the campsite.

You’ll also control access at the site entries. It’s our home so it needs to look good and be planned well. Each site is different so your problem solving is new every day.

Riders load and unload their luggage at each campsite but they need encouragement and light-hearted direction. Some bag-lifting involved.

We try to minimise it, but rubbish is a reality. This team distributes and maintains bins around the site and keeps the campsite clean. We like to impress the towns we go through by leaving a spotless site. Catering and Cafe at meal times is where most of the action is.

If you’re into fun and excitement then this is the team for you. Screening movies, coordinating live bands and background music, organising the parties and competitions will allow you to dispense Good Times to all. Plenty of creative spirits and improvisation here.

Put up marquees, load trucks and coordinate equipment. This team builds the site each day from the ground up. A job for those who like manual work and a great team environment.

Meet the riders as you serve them breakfast and dinner prepared by our chefs. A great meal served with a smiling face makes people happy. Assist with preparation of lunch and dinner each day and help with the kitchen wash-up.

Serve drinks and snacks in our licensed bar. Serve customers, maintain stock and assist with the set-up each day. This is where the cyclists put their feet up from mid afternoon to 9.30pm.

We try to provide the opportunity for riders and volunteers to have a 15-minute therapeutic massage on the ride. Team members need to have massage qualifications. Your hands will do their thing for 6 hours a day.

There are large lumps in our workload on the first and last day so there are opportunities for locals or rider friends and family to help out. There are a huge variety of small and large tasks so we’re sure to have something that suits you.

Doctors, physios, nurses, paramedics and experienced 1st aiders are needed for this team. The team covers the route and campsite for mainly minor injuries and ailments. Doctors and physios are also able to ride and volunteer. Call BQ for more details and the great incentives.

Keep the campsite alive with power, water and wastewater. Set up specialist equipment unique to the event for dishwashing and laundry.

Being fit and handy are good attributes and you will get dirty.

This team puts up tents for those riders who really want to relax. Good exercise and a great team environment.

The font of all knowledge about the event and the local town. People come here for directions, help and information. We run a small shop selling all those things people forget, lose or break. This happy, helpful team gets to meet all the participants.

Working with the volunteer coordinator, this team makes sure our volunteers have smiles on their faces and also sets up the TLC camping.

There are a huge variety of small and large tasks to be completed pre & post-ride. Please let us know if you can help.