If you need convincing, then here are 10 reasons why you should come on Cycle Queensland 2018:

  • You’ll love it

    The overwhelming majority of riders (94%) reported in our post-event survey in 2017 they would recommend the event to a friend, so you know you won’t be disappointed.

    “Great riding, great people, great Food, great experience, and one I will remember for a long time. I want to do it again!”

  • Anyone can do it

    With a little planning and preparation, anyone can complete Cycle Queensland.

    “It is the most wonderful holiday, the atmosphere is wonderful, friendly, happy and positive. Anyone can do it. I look forward to it and think about it all year.”

  • Worry & hassle free touring

    You can experience cycle touring, minus the worries and hassles of cycle touring. You don’t have to do research on the most enjoyable, scenic or safe route – we’ll show you the way.

    You don’t have to worry about mechanical issues – our mechanics will worry about that for you.

    You don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage, finding a place to camp or cooking meals – we will do it all for you.

    We even have transport services to get you and your bike to and from the event. The only thing we don’t do is pedal for you!

    “This year I rode as if on holiday, stopping often to look at the views, wildflowers etc. I found more people who were also riding as if on holiday instead of just riding to get to the next camp.”

  • Value for money

    Unlike other cycle touring holidays, Cycle Queensland is organised by Bicycle Queensland, a not-for-profit organisation. With backing from the Queensland Government and local councils and assistance from our wonderful team of over 120 volunteers, you can be sure the cost is kept as low as possible.

  • High return rate

    People enjoy Cycle Queensland so much the event typically has a “return participant rate” of around two-thirds – now that’s how bike riders vote with their feet!

  • First timers love it

    Despite this high return rider rate, first-timers made up over a quarter of riders on Cycle Queensland 2017 (that was 135 people!), so you can be sure you won’t be by yourself, even if you come by yourself!

    We also organise gatherings for first-time riders, tours of the campsite to orientate you, shared seating at meals, games and activities organised by our “Good Times” team, and friendly staff and volunteers more than willing to help in any way possible.

    “As a first-time rider and relatively new cyclist, I greatly appreciated everyone’s helpfulness and willingness to share knowledge and experience. I learnt so much and have improved my cycling skills out of sight. Thanks so much! I’ll be back!”.

  • The added extras

    Not only is this cycle touring minus the worries, it’s also cycle touring plus the bonuses.

    Like pre-event communication helping you decide what to pack, how to get to and from the event, how to pack and transport your bike and so on, plus free live music every night, a licensed bar at each campsite with cheap drinks, games and activities (think trivia, bingo, backyard cricket), tea, coffee and hot chocolate available day and night, specially-designed wash up bays for your dishes and clothes, a bike shop and mechanics at each campsite, discounts on local tourist activities, and so much more! (See “What’s Included“.)

  • Solid track record

    Cycle Queensland 2018 will be the 17th consecutive year of this event, and nearly 12,000 people have participated in Cycle Queensland over these years. That’s a track record that speaks for itself!

  • Insurance for the hesitant

    Even if you do struggle with the distances, the hills, tiredness, or with niggling injuries, every day we have a vehicle and trailer (called a “SAG – Support And Gear – bus”) that can pick you and your bike up at any point and take you to a convenient location further along the route, or all the way to the next campsite.

    But we’re sure you won’t need to use this service – because you will be having too much fun!

  • Safety & security

    Since we partner with Queensland Police and Queensland Ambulance Service (on the route), and St John Ambulance and private security companies (on and around the campsites), you can be sure we make every effort to ensure our riders are safe and secure at all times

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An event by Bicycle Queensland