Cycle Queensland is a camping event (there are limited alternative accommodation options) so you need to bring:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping stuff
  • Eating tools
  • A bike and of course,
  • Clothes will also come in handy!


See the Cycle Queensland Handbook for a full list of what to bring.

If you are musically talented, we’d love you to bring your guitar (or other smallish instrument) and we will happily carry it for you at no extra charge. There is often a jam session for you to join.

Unfortunately we have luggage weight limits so that our buses and trucks don’t get overloaded and our crew don’t hurt themselves. Bear in mind that you will need to load your luggage onto the truck each day and also carry it to your tent, so don’t bring more than you can comfortably manage.


Luggage specifications:

  • Total maximum weight per person: 22kg.
  • Must be split between 2 bags with no one bag more than 14kg.
  • Maximum length of bags: 1 metre (and 0.5m wide x 0.5m high).
  • Nothing strapped to the outside.
  • Clearly labelled with your name and address.
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