How to get yourself and your bike to/from the event

Cycle Queensland 2018 will start in Cape Tribulation on Sunday 2/9/18 at 10.30am. The start will be from the camp site at Cape Tribulation Horse Rides, Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation. By road Cape Tribulation is 141km north of Cairns, approximately 3 hours drive.

Cycle Queensland 2018 will finish in Cairns (Eastern Event Lawn) on Sunday 9/9/18, between 9.00am and 12noon (depending on your cycling speed and preferences).

We have planned transport options to make your journey to and from the ride for you and your bike as easy as possible.

What you need to decide:

  • How are you going to get yourself to/from the event?
  • How are you going to get your bike to/from the event?
  • Do you need a bike box to get your bike to/from the event?


If you need help working out the best travel options for you contact Bicycle Queensland and we can talk you through the options.

Transport options for you

Bus charters

Bicycle Queensland has chartered buses to transport riders and volunteers from various locations to the event start and back from the finish. Book and pay for these services with your entry.

Cost for bus transport does not include your bike so remember to book your bike transport separately – see the Bike Transport info sheet for details of the excellent bike transport options. Bus times are subject to change.

View bus charter options


To Event: Drive to Cairns and use the Cairns Airport Parking and jump on one of our charter services to Cape Tribulation or get friends/family to drop you off.

From Event: Pickup your car in Cairns and drive home. Another option may be to arrange for friends or family to pick you up in Cairns. Parking is available in Southern Esplanade Car Park, just metres away from the finish line.

Transport options for your bike

Through our extensive Home or Depot Services, we provide the option for you to offload your bike before leaving home and then to travel home post-event without your bike. This makes it easier to use any form of transport without having to worry about space and cost for your bike or the trouble of having to carry it boxed up. Services are also available to riders doing the short ride options on either of the weekends.

The following explains the bike transport and bike box options listed on the online entry form – book and pay for these services with your entry:

Home services

The Home Services option is for people living in Brisbane and surrounds only (327 suburbs). For Home Service customers we will collect your boxed bike from your address (as listed on the entry form) and deliver it to the event start site. The Home Service is also available to transport your boxed bike from the finish site to your address.

View home service

Depot services

The Depot Services are available to interstate, regional and SE QLD event participants. You deliver your boxed bike to a nominated transport depot and we deliver it to Cape Tribulation where you collect it. The service is also available to transport your boxed bike from the finish site in Cairns to a nominated depot.

View depot services

Bike on bus with you

For people who are unable to use the Home or Depot Services then you can still “take your bike on the bus with you” (although note that invariably they will end up on a truck).

We encourage you to use the other services if possible as these provide you with the best flexibility and also allow us the best chance to get everyone to the start on time. They also save you the trouble of getting both your boxed bike and your luggage to the bus departure.

Bikes with you on the bus best suits people who are travelling from regional areas where we do not have depot locations or via the Cairns Airport although we do offer depots in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Cairns and Townsville. Costs vary for each bus.

Bike packaging

All bike transport options require your bike to be boxed (unless otherwise noted). If you should have boxed your bike and haven’t, it will not be accepted unless you have made prior arrangements with BQ such as for bagged or odd shaped bikes.

The bikes will travel in a truck neatly stacked up to 3 high so must be well packed – i.e. no bulges and nothing protruding from the box. It is expected bike boxes will be no larger than 1.4m x 0.8m x 0.3m. Please advise BQ if your bike is not a standard single frame i.e. tandem, recumbent, trike, trailer, trailer bike or folder. Bicycles are carried at owner’s risk.


Pick-up from BQ Office – $21
Bike boxes (1.4m long x 0.8m high x 0.26m wide) are available for purchase from the Bicycle Queensland office – 20 Horan Street, West End

Bike box delivery (Brisbane and surrounds only) – $25
For 327 selected suburbs in Brisbane and surrounds a new cardboard bike box can be delivered to your house. The box will be delivered to your address (as listed on your entry form) on a weekday on or between Monday 20/8/18 and Thursday 23/8/18. The box will be left even if no one is home.

Local bike shop – Free
For interstate or event participants outside of the suburb list we suggest you contact your local bike shop to secure a bike box or use one of the pre-event bike packing services available at selected depot locations. Alternatively contact our transport partners, Queensland Parcel Express – (07) 3000 5055 who may be able to assist.


When headed home you may need to pack your bike for transport home (e.g. home service, depots, flying, long bus trip). For this you will need either a new cardboard bike box or your own packaging you used to get to the start and we have transported for you. Note: any cardboard bike box you use to get to the start will be destroyed unless you book and pay for it to be stored until the end.

The options are:

  • Transport a hard or soft case from start to finish – $60.00
  • Transport a flat packed cardboard bike box from start to finish – $20.00
  • Purchase a BQ cardboard bike box to be supplied at the finish – $20.00

How to pack your bike

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