You might have gone hopping mad if you’d called Texas home in the early 20th century.

Back then, it was the centre of the rabbit industry in Queensland. Though both the rabbits and also a flourishing tobacco industry are long gone, visitors can still spy their influences through the historical signs in the main street, or check out the Rabbit Factory and Freezing Works Museum and the old tobacco drying barns that dot the horizon around town.

Again, we follow along the river passing yet more secluded riverside spots as we ride through large scale crop farming land.  It’s just a moderate day in the saddle (63km) or another 13km on the long option across the river with a loop through prime grazing country. You’ll see some of the old tobacco barns and can linger for a while beside the Dumaresq River at the Les Meyers Rest Area. Or, maybe just take it easy in li’l ol’ Texas because tomorrow is a helluva day in the saddle for even the toughest Texan in town.

Day 3

Monday 4th September 2017
Yelarbon to Texas | 63 km

Campsite entertainment

  Bucking Bull 7-9pm

Get in the swing and bring out your inner Jack or Jillaroo and have a go on our Bucking Bull.

Local attractions


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